U3A Resources


 U3A Presentation >  ~ Power Point

 U3A Starter Kit >   ~ Word 

 Tips for running Study or Interest Groups >
  Browns Bay version  ~pdf

 Year Group Planner >  for above ~ Word

 Generic Poster >  to advertise a meeting ~ Word

 Samples of publicity pamphlets > ~ zipped

 U3A logo artwork > ~ zipped

Files and Programs 

To view many of these files, an installed program on your device is needed.
New phones and tablets cannot extract zip files.

FREE Graphics Editor    paint.net >
This program will allow you to prepare photos and graphics for your Local U3A Home Page. Cropping is usually needed.

Look at this trusted www.ninite.com > site under imaging.
If help is needed,  Looks kike they have a downloader app which also updates programs. There are other Graphics Editors out there.

Take care some free programs sometimes leave adware.